Terms and Conditions booking sedation:


  • Please message us if you want a tentative booking, however we are not able to keep these booked for more than 24 hours as it avoids other practices placing a booking
  • We will confirm all booking requests as soon as possible, but within 24 hours
  • All booking requests require you to agree to our terms and conditions below
  • Last minute bookings are often possible, please message us before sending a booking request
  • Bookings might be possible when unavailable, please message us if you cannot find a suitable available timeslot


  • Please include 10 minutes for the patient to be adequately sedated before the procedure can start
  • Also allow 15 minutes recovery time after the procedure included in the booking
  • The total time booked will be the minimum hours charged
  • Our charges start from the start time booked
  • Our charges end when the patient is discharged into the care of a responsible adult who is prepared to take responsibility of the patient
  • Someone in the practice may also take on above responsibility if it is not necessary for the escort to take the patient home immediately after the procedure
  • If the procedure is delayed or if the procedure takes much longer than expected we cannot guarantee we will be able to stay longer than the hours booked
  • Escorts must be present 15 minutes before discharge for post-op instructions to be conveyed whilst the patient is recovering
  • Waiting for escorts after recovery might incur additional fees for every additional ½ hour waiting


  • When the patient cancels for a valid health reason or cancels more than 48 hours before the appointment then no fees will be charged and the patient can be rebooked
  • If the patient cancels for no valid health reason less than 48 hours before their appointment, then 50% of the fee will be charged to the patient – the practice needs to inform us if this happens to avoid unnecessary travel charges
  • If the patient cancels more than 48 hours before their appointment and the practice fails to inform SAF Medical, then 50% of the fee will be invoiced to the practice
  • If the practice cancels with no valid reason less than 48 hours before the appointment then 50% of the fee will be charged to the practice
  • If the practice cancels more than 48 hours before the appointment then no fee will be charged
  • For appointments of 4 hours or longer we will need at least 5 days notice unless there is a valid health reason


  • The practice will need two in-date and serviced oxygen cylinders with intermittent positive pressure device available
  • The practice should have good suction equipment and aspiration tips
  • The practice will need to have a working AED (Automatic Electric Defibrillator) available in the practice
  • The practice will need enough space in the surgery and around the patient in case of the need for resuscitation in the event of an emergency.
  • The practice should ensure ambulance access in case of an emergency
  • The dentist offering treatment during sedation and the nurse assisting should have knowledge of Medical emergencies and should be prepared to assist the sedation doctor in the event of an emergency


  • Have appropriate training, experience and qualifications for Conscious Sedation, registered with the GMC and up to date with CPD and appropriate Life Support
  • Will comply with current UK Guidelines for Conscious Sedation
  • Will provide pre and post operative instructions to the patient/escort
  • Will have a telephone consultation with the patient
  • Will obtain informed consent from the patient for sedation
  • Will supply all drugs and paraphernalia associated with sedation
  • Will supply maintained and serviced pulse-oximeter and BP machine
  • Will have in-date emergency drugs and equipment including being able to provide intermittent positive pressure ventilation to the patient (with supplemental oxygen provided by the dentist)
  • Will titrate the dose of sedatives in compliance with the GDC current definition of level of Conscious Sedation and therefore be responsible for the level and depth of Conscious Sedation
  • Will monitor the patient throughout the sedation
  • Will make detailed sedation records and retain them in compliance with the GDPR
  • Will monitor the patient during recovery and not release them until they are fit for discharge into the care of a responsible adult escort or the dentist
  • In the event of an emergency the sedation doctor will take the lead and may delegate tasks to the dentist and/or nurse