Post-Sedation Instructions (aftercare of the patient)

• A responsible adult must take you home after the sedation, and remain with you for the next 12 hours.

• You may not drive, operate machinery or have any alcohol for the next 24 hours following the sedation. Please do not use anything electrical e.g kettle, iron, drill.

• Do not make any irreversible decisions or sign any legal documents for 24 hours following the sedation.

• If you are taking regular medication ask your dentist/surgeon or myself when you should take your next dose after the sedation.

• On arriving home have a small drink of squash or water. If you can tolerate this you may progress onto something bland to eat e.g scrambled egg.

• You should not experience nausea or vomiting after sedation. If you do vomit and this happens more than once, please contact your dentist/surgeon or myself.

• The sedation will result in some amnesia. This is temporary and sometimes lasts for a few hours.

We do not anticipate that you will have any adverse events or complications. 

Should you become concerned about anything please contact us direct.