SAF Medical Ltd provides a professional medical service to dentists and doctors who have patients needing procedures, but are unable to cope
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A mobile sedation service that can put an anxious patient at ease…


If you are unable to cope with a procedure awake, we can safely help to put you at ease

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Adding a sedationist to your care team will enable you to perform the procedure more efficiently, so that you can schedule more patients per day

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SAF Medical Ltd

SAF Medical Ltd offers a professional medical service to dentists and doctors who have anxious patients who cannot have treatment without sedation.

There are a variety of reasons behind patients requiring sedation. For example, sedation may be necessary if the patient has dental anxiety, if they are about to have a painful or complex procedure or if they have had a past traumatic experience.

We provide a mobile IV sedation service to put anxious patients at ease during their procedure. Not only will an experienced medical doctor be present during the procedure, but our service should ensure that your clinic list runs smoothly and time-efficiently.

With IV sedation, we can guarantee that patient safety comes first. All patients will get a pre-operative phone call to discuss their medical history and appropriate adjustments can be made to ensure patient satisfaction. During sedation, patient saturations and blood pressure is thoroughly monitored. Pain levels are also monitored and all drugs are carefully titrated to effect. Patients are monitored until they are ready for discharge with a suitable escort.

IV sedation is the solution for any anxious patient who would rather not know about their procedure. Even though it is possible, none of our patients remember anything about their procedure.

I have complete confidence in Dr Swart and would recommend him to other patients. He made me feel very comfortable and the whole process was pain free.

Ms D ABrickstables, Colchester (December 2019)

I felt very comfortable with Dr Smit, you can tell she has understanding and reassurance for her patients.

Ms K HBillericay Dental Centre (January 2020)

I was so worried as I have never had anything like this done and she made me feel so much better and answered all my questions highly recommend.

Ms S FThe Harrow Dental Practice, Hornchurch (February 2020)

11/10 for Dr Swart, Very professional, friendly and i didn't feel a thing 🙂

Ms K MWinning Smiles, Romford (January 2020)

For someone who has a real fear of dental procedures, I felt completely relaxed and at ease.

Ms B HTogether Dental Braintree-Together Dental Braintree

It worked so well I couldn't remember a thing.

Mr T SDental Kind Billericay -14th Oct 2020

Would definitely have it again if required. Have no recollection of events until a few hours after the sedation

Ms H HDental Kind Billericay - 13th Oct 2020

Dr Swart was excellent. This is the 2nd time he has sedated me and put me totally at ease and was also painless.

Ms K LBluebell Dental Practice Ilford - 14th Sept 2020

I’d just like to thank dr Swart for looking after me so well, I was so so scared and he took all that away. Thank you so much.-

Ms J HAdvance Dental Clinic Chelmsford - 22ND SEPT 2020

Comprehensive patient service before, during and after sedation

Liase with clinic
or practice
Telephone consultation
with patient

All sedative and

painkillers provided

Patient paperwork includes consent, pre- and post-op instructions and post-op feedback

What to expect on the day

Conscious sedation is a combination of medicines to help you relax (a sedative) and to block pain (an anesthetic) during a medical or dental procedure. 

When you arrive you will be greeted by the sedationist and any questions you have will be answered. Just before the procedure, you will be given some intravenous drugs to help you to relax. You will be closely monitored throughout the whole procedure and post-operative instructions will be explained to your escort while you recover after the procedure. 

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Why SAF Medical Ltd?

All IV medication and patient
monitoring provided

Pre-operative consultation, consent, instructions and post-op feedback

Personal care by a qualified medical doctor, experienced in conscious sedation

Don’t let your patient suffer awake, if they can be sedated.

Speak to us to find out how we can help to put your patient at ease